The Super Ocean International is privately owned international business company based in UAE. It is focused on two core sectors: Shipping & Trading. We believe that local experience and insight aids confident decisions and ensures operational efficiency. 

We charter ships on voyage or period basis as per customer's need which helps us to match the cargo and freight. Shipping companies


Since we have Authorized License to Trade in various Commodities and thus you can Expect a lot of items which you can Secure from UAE, to name a few are:

All type of Building materials such as Pipes, D-Bars, Different grades of Aggregates, Sand, Boulders Pavement Blocks, Auto Spare parts etc. besides Machinery & other General items origin of UAE and sourced from Europe, India, Japan, & China.


To drive growth and maximize shareholder value by providing technologically advanced and high quality products through our association with world class manufacturers & suppliers and help customers identify solutions that not only address key industry issues but also helps achieve and maximize benefits in their markets. To be the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance.